Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boys will be BOYS

boys will be boys....an idiom that all women say...well its true....man (or preferable called boys) love two things
1. women
2. bike.....named a women tooo

so in conclusion we love women...
many people esp. most girl are confused with us, why do we love our ride so much..hey its like we ask you what the hell with jimmy choo boots, millions and end up stepping the road...well ladies, its because we love our bikes as much that we loved you....as older the boys..the bigger and bad-er his toys...(please dont think dirty!!!) im talking about bikes not other...

well this is one of my best friend which i respect him as my older brother called moochi's..he's got this one damn fine bike called marni.... an FXR HD...yesss...a true beauty

well marni was found somewhere in central java if im not mistaken..she was a village flower (a.k.a kembang desa) in her place...well this guy brought marni to town

i quoted him...."there's only few people that know the FXR, yesss.... and just the few people that know this FXR was trully love HD and have a knowledge about HD...and yes im one of the people who own this rare beauty".....

the process are quite taaking a long time..but yes patience MAKES PERFECT...perfect stuff, perfect line, etc...and by the power of the MAMPANG FINEST "i quote him "

i present to you..MARNI...the village girl...transform into an uptown wild girl....
yess...inner wildness of marni came out..and yess it will scare the hell out of you..BOOO YAAAAH..

ride with pride esse....

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  1. super sweet esse...!! now go finish your study, take good care of your lady, and come join me for a ride..